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Detection of rpoB Gene Mutation in Rifampin-Resistant M. Tuberculosis by Oligonucleotide Chip.
Soonkew Park, Minki Lee, Byungseon Chung, Cheolmin Kim, Chulhun Chang, Heekyung Park, Hyunjung Jang, Seungkyu Park, Sundae Song
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2000;49(5):546-557.   Published online November 1, 2000
Comparison of Acid-Fast staining, PCR, LCR, PCR=Hybridization for dection of mycobacterum tuberculosis in clinical specimens.
Jong Rak Choi, Jong Baeck Lim, Hyung Jung Kim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2000;49(3):281-289.   Published online September 1, 2000
Rifabutin susceptibility and rpoB gene mutations in multi-drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Tae Sun Shim, Jin Sub Kim, Mi Sun Park, Chae Man Lim, Sang Do Lee, Youn Suk Koh, Woo Sung Kim, Dong Soon Kim, Won Dong Kim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2000;48(6):853-869.   Published online June 1, 2000
Detection of Mycobactrium tuberculosis by in situ hybridization.
Chang Soo Park, Jee Shin Lee, Jong Jae Jung, Doo Hong Kim, Jin Kim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2000;48(5):699-708.   Published online May 1, 2000
Evaluating the Usefulness of the ICT Tuberculosis Test Kit for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis.
Chul Hun Chang, Han Chul Son, Ki Chan Ryu, Soon Kew Park, Seon Ho Lee, Sung Ryul Kim, Ki Hyung Park, Woo Seok Kim, Kyong Soo Koo
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1999;46(4):473-480.   Published online April 1, 1999
The Effect of IFN-gamma on the Phagocytosis of Mycobctcterium tuberculosis and Activation of Human Pulmonary Alveolar Macrophage.
Jae Seuk Park, Jae Yeal Kim, Gwi Lae Lee, Chul Gyu Yoo, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Young Soo Shim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1998;45(1):36-44.   Published online February 1, 1998
Phagocytosis of Drug-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by Peripheral Blood Monocytes.
Jae Seuk Park, Jae Yeal Kim, Chul Gyu Yoo, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Young Soo Shim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1997;44(3):470-478.   Published online June 1, 1997
Analysis of rpoB Gene in Rifampin-Resistant M. Tuberculosis by Direct Sequencing and Line Probe Assay.
Min Ki Lee, Yun Seong Kim, Hyo Jin Lee, Du Su Cheon, Sang Myung Yun, Sam Seok Park, Cheol Min Kim, Soon Kew Park
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1997;44(2):251-263.   Published online April 1, 1997
The Relationship between Isoniazid Resistance and 463 CodonMutation of katG Gne in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
Young Kil Park, Myung Sup Shim, Sang Hyun Cho, Gill Han Bai, Sang Jae Kim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1996;43(1):8-13.   Published online February 1, 1996
Application of polymerase chain reaction(PCR) to the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Ho Joong Kim, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Young Soo Shim, Keun Youl Kim, Yong Chol Han
Tuberc Respir Dis. 1992;39(6):517-525.   Published online December 1, 1992

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