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Volume 67(5); Nov 2009
Review Article
Respiratory Review of 2009: Nontuberculous Mycobacterium.
Jae Seuk Park
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):395-401.   Published online November 1, 2009
Original Articles
Clinical Utility of Pre-B-Cell Colony-Enhancing Factor in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid of Acute Critical Ill Patients with Lung Infiltrates.
Kwangha Lee, Sang Bum Hong
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):402-408.   Published online November 1, 2009
Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Colonization in the Upper Respiratory Tracts of Korean Military Recruits.
Chang Min Choi, Cheol In Kang, Young Keun Kim, Sang Taek Heo, Chang Hoon Kim, Jae Kyung Song, Hee Saeng Jung
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):409-412.   Published online November 1, 2009
MicroRNA Expression Profiles in Korean Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Ji Woong Son, Young Jin Kim, Hyun Min Cho, Soo Young Lee, Jin Sung Jang, Jin Eun Choi, Jung Uee Lee, Min Gyu Kang, Yu Mi Lee, Sun Jung Kwon, Eugene Choi, Moon Jun Na, Jae Yong Park
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):413-421.   Published online November 1, 2009
Randomized Controlled Trial
The Efficacy of Inhaled Corticosteroid on Chronic Idiopathic Cough.
Boram Han, Seung Hun Jang, Yu Jin Kim, Sunghoon Park, Yong Il Hwang, Dong Gyu Kim, Cheol Hong Kim, In Gyu Hyun, Ki Suck Jung
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):422-429.   Published online November 1, 2009
Original Articles
Usefulness of Procalcitonin in the Assessing the Severity of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Patient.
Hun Pyo Park, Jung Soo Lee, Ye Su Jang, Min Su Kim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):430-435.   Published online November 1, 2009
Utility of Micro CT in a Murine Model of Bleomycin-Induced Lung Fibrosis.
Jae A Lee, Gong Yong Jin, Se Mi Bok, Young Min Han, Seoung Ju Park, Yong Chul Lee, Myung Ja Chung, Gun Ha Youn
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):436-444.   Published online November 1, 2009
Case Reports
Recurrent Erlotinib-Induced Interstitial Lung Disease on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
Sang Don Park, Areum Kim, Jin Seok Park, Chun Ho Shin, Hae Sung Nam, Lucia Kim, Jae Wha Cho, Jeong Sun Ryu, Seung Min Kwak
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):445-448.   Published online November 1, 2009
Intrathoracic Desmoid Tumor Mimicking Pleural Mass: A Case Report.
Na Rae Kim, Dong Hae Chung, Jae Ik Lee, Sung Hwan Jeong, Seung Yeon Ha
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):449-453.   Published online November 1, 2009
A Case of Miliary Tuberculosis in a Patient with Behcet's Disease and Uveitis Receiving Infliximab.
Jung Wan Yoo, Jae Hyung Roh, Jin Wook Park, Yong Giun Kim, Ji Woong Jang, Soo Young Na, Tae Sun Shim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):454-457.   Published online November 1, 2009
A Case of Pseudochylothorax Developed from Chronic Pleural Effusion after Treatment of Tuberculous Pleurisy.
Eun Kyoung Park, Sook Hee Chung, June Ho Bae, Sang Ryol Ryu, Jae Hyung Lee, Sang Hoon Kim, Young Uk Cho, Jeong Don Chae, Byoung Hoon Lee
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):458-461.   Published online November 1, 2009
A Case of Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor in the Anterior Mediastinum.
Kyung Jin Oh, Ki Byung Lee, Soon Won Hong, Kyo Tae Jung, Hong Kyu Choi, Hyung Jung Kim, Chul Min Ahn, Yoon Soo Chang
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):462-466.   Published online November 1, 2009
A Case of Post-Traumatic Pulmonary Pseudocyst Mimicking Pulmonary Cavitary Tuberculosis.
Hyun Jeong Lee, Ji Young Kang, Sun Mie Yim, Eun Hye Ji, Ji Hyun Kim, Sei Won Kim, Sang Haak Lee, Hwa Sik Moon, Bae Young Lee
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2009;67(5):467-470.   Published online November 1, 2009

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