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Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases 2001;51(3):211-223.
DOI:    Published online September 1, 2001.
Oxidized LDL is a Chemoattractant for the Eosinophils and Neutrophils.
Young Sil Hwang, Jong Deog Lee, William B Busse
Rhinovirus infection of the airways results in increased permeability of the airway vascular endothelium with the influx of plasma proteins, including lipids such as LDL. In vitro studies on the effect of oxLDL on leukocytes has shown many proinflammatory effects on multiple leukocytes. We hypothesized that oxLDL is one mechanism for recruiting granulocytes to the airways during a RV infection. Therefore, chemotaxis and transendothelial migration, in response to nLDL, was determined for these granulocytes. METHODS: nLDL was oxidized with 5mM Cu2SO4 for 20-24 hours. 3-5×10(5) cells were loaded into the Transwell filter while the chemotatic agonists were placed in the lower well for chemotaxis. Confluent monolayers on HPMEC were grown on Transwell filters for transendothelial migration. The filters were washed and eosinophils and neutrophils loaded on to the filter with the chemotatic agonist was were placed in the lower well. The wells were incubated for 3 hours. The number of migrating cells was counted on a hemocytometer. RESULTS: OxLDL, but not nLDL, is chemotatic for eosinophils and neutrophils. The level of granulocytes chemotaxis was dependent on both the concentration of LDL and its degree of oxidation. OxLDL stimulates eosinophil and neutrophils migration across HPMEC monolayers (±IL-1β preactivation) in a dose dependent manner. CONCLUSION: Increased vascular permeability during a RV infection may lead to the influx and oxidation of LDL. The resulting oxLDL. is one possible mechanism for the recruitment of neutrophils and eosinophils to the airway interstitial matrix. Once in the airways, granulocytes can further interact with oxLDL to promote airway inflammation.
Key Words: Oxidized LDL, Granulocytes, Transendothelial migration
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