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Volume 50(4); Apr 2001
Original Articles
Prediction of Post-operative Cardiopulmonary function By Perfusion Scan.
Jeong Seon Ryu, Ji Young Lee, Dong Bum Seo, Jae Hwa Cho, Hong Lyeol Lee, Yoon Yong Han, Kim Kwang Ho
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):401-408.   Published online April 1, 2001
The Etiological Role of Legionella Pneumophila in Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Korea.
Hong Seok Song, Ji Hyeon Suh, Jong Ho Ahn, Byeong In Yoon, Seung Joon Lee, Myung Goo Lee, Man Jo Jun, Min Jong Kang, Jae Myung Lee, Dong Gyu Kim, Jee Woong Son, Myung Jae Park, In Gyu Hyun, Ki Suck Jung
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):409-414.   Published online April 1, 2001
The Correlation between HRCT Emphysema Score and Exercise Pulmonary Testing Parameters.
Eun Kyoung Choi, Yong Hee Choi, Doh Hyung Kim, Yong Ho Kim, Se Young Yoon, Jae Seuk Park, Keun Youl Kim, Kye Young Lee
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):415-425.   Published online April 1, 2001
The Increased Expression of Gelatinolytic Proteases Due to Gigarette Smoking Exposure in the Lung of Guinea Pig.
Min Jong Kang, Jae Ho Lee, Chul Gyu Yoo, Ghoon Taek Lee, Hee Soon Chung, Jeong Wook Seo, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Young Soo Shim
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):426-436.   Published online April 1, 2001
Prospective Study of the Immunologic Factors Affecting the Prognosis of Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Jae Kyung Hwang, Ho Moeng Lee, Kwang Sik Song, Gye Young Park, Jeong Woong Park, Jae Kyung Park, Seong Hwan Jeong, Jeong Yeal Ahn, Yiel Hea Seo, Gui Hyun Nam
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):437-449.   Published online April 1, 2001
The Role of c-Jun N-terminal Kinase in the Radiation-Induced Lung Fibrosis.
Soo Taek Suh, Ki Young Hong, Young Mok Lee, Kiup Kim, Do Jin Kim, Seung Hyuk Moon, Yong Hoon Kim, Choon Sik Park, Eun Suk Kim, Doo Ho Choi
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):450-461.   Published online April 1, 2001
COPD Patients with Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure: Response to Therapy and Determinant of Intubation.
So Hyang Song, Chi Hong Kim, Young Kyoon Kim, Kwan Hyoung Kim, Hwa Sik Moon, Jeong Sup Song, Sung Hak Park
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):462-472.   Published online April 1, 2001
Analysis of Treatment Failure for the Pulmonary and Neck Tuberculosis.
Chang Ho Jeon, Sang Chae Lee, Dae Sung Hyun, Jung Yoon Choe, Im Hee Shin, Jin Ho Sohn
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):473-483.   Published online April 1, 2001
Clinical Courses of Cavitary Lesions in Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Seung Kyu Park, Eun Soo Kweon, Sun Dae Song
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):484-492.   Published online April 1, 2001
Case Reports
A Case of Systemic Sclerosis Sine Scleroderma Presenting as Pulmonary Interstitial Fibrosis.
Jin Ho Kwak, Won Il Choi, Seung Hyun Lee, Chang Gyun Seo, Kyung Chan Kim, Min Su Kim, Kun Young Kwon, Soo Ji Suh, Chang Kwon Park, Young June Jeon
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):493-498.   Published online April 1, 2001
A Case of Metastatic Tracheal Tumor From Ovarian Carcinoma.
Cheon Woong Choi, Jee Hong Yoo, Hye Lim Oh, Yongseon Cho, Hong Mo Kang
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):499-503.   Published online April 1, 2001
A Case of Bleomycin Induced Bronchiolitis Obliterans Orgnizing Pneumonia.
Hye Lim Oh, Hong Mo Kang, Cheon Woong Choi, Ho Jong Lee, Yongseun Cho, Jee Hong Yoo
Tuberc Respir Dis. 2001;50(4):504-509.   Published online April 1, 2001

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